A: 187 Gertrude St. Fitzroy VIC 3065

Welcome to De Clieu

De Clieu is open daily from 7am-5pm at 187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy.
Phone: 94174698.
De Clieu Café is named after a French naval officer, Gabriel de Clieu who according to legend used the last of his precious water rations to ensure the survival of his single inherited coffee bean from the Tuileries garden in Paris on his perilous journey to the Caribbean. At De Clieu café we believe that our passion for coffee emulates that of Officer De Clieu so we strive to serve up outstanding specialty coffees.

De Clieu only use the best beans available – roasted by 5 Senses Coffee and Mailing room – offering a tantalizing house blend, along with a variety of exotic single origin coffees subject to seasonal change.

De Clieu also offer a scrumptious range of delectable treats brought to you by Little Bertha bakery and Servery Spoon as well as delicious breakfast and lunch inventions from our brilliant chefs.

Whether you’re new in town and wish to find your “go-to” café, or a tourist wanting to explore Melbourne’s rich coffee culture, we at De Clieu are sure to deliver.